Dan Bisaccio, Director of the MAT Program in Biology, awarded the Brandwein Ecology Medal

brandweinDan Bisaccio, Director of the MAT Program in Biology has just been awarded the Brandwein Ecology Medal. The Brandwein Institute recognizes outstanding teaching and research contributions to ecology education. Dan will be honored at the National Science Teachers Association Conference on March 21 in New Orleans, La.

Dan continues his on-going research with the Smithsonian Institution‘s Biodiversity & Monitoring Program involving secondary and college students with authentic field research opportunities at several tropical sites in Central and South America as well as the South Pacific. His work has been recognized by the United Nations Environmental Program (Convention on Biological Diversity) where he is an active contributor to their international biological diversity education outreach committee and has presented, with his students, pedagogical and biological research at United Nations Conferences on Biological Diversity. In 2009, Dan will present at a UNEP Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal. He is currently organizing a 2nd International Youth Symposium on Biodiversity for July 2009.