Monthly Archives: October 2010

Dan Bisaccio Recognized

Director of Science Education Dan Bisaccio was recognized on October 20th at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity 2010 Convention in Nagoya, Japan as a contributing author of “Youth Quick Guide to Biodiversity.” On October 22, Dan presented a curriculum project he developed for predicting migratory bird nest success in fragmented habitat at the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers annual conference. The curriculum is designed for secondary science teachers to use with their students to develop inquiry skills, GIS technology skills, and scientific literacy skills.


Faculty and Mentor Teachers Presented at NEATE Conference

Faculty members Laura Snyder and Maureen Sigler, along with English MAT mentor teachers Jonathan Goodman and Vanessa O’Driscoll, presented at the New England Association of Teachers of English Conference in Mansfield, Massachusetts on October 22nd. Their presentation, Anchoring Student Understanding and Literacy with Conceptual Vocabulary, was built on their collaborations as instructors during Brown Summer High School.