“Leave No Child Inside”

In the Fall 2013 issue of Pathways, a publication of the New York State Outdoor Education Association, the Brown Education Department’s very own Daniel Bisaccio makes the case for teachers to help students become scientifically literate by being a “good guide.”

Bisaccio, Director of Science Education and Director of Graduate Studies – MAT Teacher Education, writes that whether in the field or in the classroom, educators need to get students “involved in being scientists.” In the essay, he provides accessible bullet points for what students need to know and to do to become scientifically literate, as well as the Science Curriculum Skill Areas that can be addressed through trips into the field.

Through email Bisaccio explains, “my intent for the paper is to inspire teachers to continue to get their students outside doing field research – even in this era of Common Core and NGSS.”

The essay, “Leave No Child Inside,” is featured on pages 12-13, and is available for viewing and download by clicking this link.

In his role, Bisaccio prepares candidates in both the Elementary MAT and Secondary Sciences MAT programs for science education in, and out, of classrooms. You can read more about his work here and here.