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Perspectives: Jeannette Epstein, Adjunct Professor, Elementary Education

Adjunct Professor of Elementary Education Jeanette Epstein discusses the Summer Prep program and the unique teaching opportunities it provides. View all Faculty Perspectives.


Perspectives: Director of English Education Laura Snyder

Director of English Education Laura Snyder discusses the balance of content and pedagogy at Brown, what happens during the academic semester, teaching placements, and the teacher research project. View all Faculty Perspectives.

“Revising the Economic Imperative for US STEM Education”

Published last week in PLOS Biology, in “Revising the Economic Imperative for US STEM Education,”┬áDirector of Science Education Dan Bisaccio collaborated with other authors to examine the presumed relationship between STEM education and economic growth. They contend that the real economic imperative for the STEM pipeline should include empowering students to assess, preserve, and restore ecosystems to increase economic welfare. This article examines the assumptions made about the relationship between STEM education policy and economic welfare, and suggests objectives and projects that could be incorporated into existing educational initiatives.

In his role, Bisaccio prepares candidates in both the Elementary MAT and Secondary Sciences MAT programs for science education in, and out, of classrooms. You can read more about his work here and here.