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Dan Bisaccio Retires from Brown Education Dept.

In June 2017, the Brown Education Department underwent a major change: Daniel Bisaccio retired from his position as director of Brown Education Department’s science education and as director of teacher education/graduate studies.


In addition to well-wishers from various departments at Brown, Dan’s wife Mame and daughter Kerry (who flew in to surprise her father) were able to attend our farewell lunch for Dan, which consisted of smiles, hugs, and a few tears.

Dan began his career more than 40 years ago, when he taught science with the Upward Bound Akwasasne/Mohawk community in upstate New York, and ended up at Brown University nine years ago, where Dan took pride every day in creating tomorrow’s teacher leaders by building a community of compassionate educators with his colleagues in the Brown MAT program. Dan has touched countless lives throughout the decades he devoted to both classroom and environmental education. Dan spoke of how proud he was of his students and graduates over the years, and colleagues took turns at the lectern to speak of Dan’s passion for teaching, passion for learning, passion for the natural world, and passion for sharing.


After leading a toast to Dan’s retirement, Chair Wong presented Dan with a framed photo of the Barus Building signed by everyone in the department, and several members of the department noted how much they’ll miss the view of Dan peacefully smoking his pipe outside of the building during the academic year.

Although retired from teaching and administering in our department, Dan is continuing to work on a grant for math education as an adjunct assistant professor for research at Brown, and he also has plans to travel. Everyone at the Brown Education Department wishes him a happy retirement – while knowing that Dan will continue to cultivate opportunities for learning and sharing his passion for science, math, and the practice of education.