Perspectives: Mentor Teachers

Steve Martin, Science Mentor Teacher

Science Mentor Teacher Steve Mentor discusses why he mentors for Brown MATs, and how the program impacts his own practice.


Tamar Paull, English Mentor Teacher and Alum (UTEP ’97)

Meet Tamar Paull, English Mentor Teacher and Alum (UTEP ’97), who discusses what makes the Brown MAT program so unique.


Vanessa O’Driscoll, English Mentor Teacher

Vanessa O’Driscoll, English Mentor Teacher, explains the transition from the Brown Summer High School program to the student teaching semester.


Ed Abbott, History Mentor Teacher

Meet Ed Abbott, a History Mentor Teacher, who discusses why Brown’s program is one of the highlights of his teaching experience.


Echo Lahey, Elementary Mentor Teacher

Meet Echo Lahey, an Elementary Mentor Teacher, who discusses what MATs take away from the summer teaching program.


Maureen Nosal, Elementary Mentor Teacher, Adjunct Professor

Meet Maureen Nosal, Elementary Mentor Teacher and Adjunct Professor, who discusses student placements, characteristics of MATs, her Literacy Methods course, and why she is a mentor.